"A  Gorgeously  rendered  adventure  saga  that  succeeds  not  only  in  capturing  the  harshness  and  wild  beauty  of Davidson’s  journey,  but  also  in  mapping  a  delicate  interior pathway  into  the  heart  of  this  most  atypical  explorer." 



"A Feminist Adventure Epic"                    



"‘Tracks’ might be a bit slow for some, but it’s one of those films that quietly creeps up on you."

Time Out     


"Beautifully lensed dramatic recreation"

The Star           


Its stealth-like emotional charge is fueled by unerring work from Mia Wasikowska, her affecting performance grounded in the fortitude and determination essential to such an undertaking, at the same time subtly keeping an open window to her character’s fragility.

The Hollywood Reporter


"What's on screen will leave you in a state of wonder"



              Entertainment Weekly 


"...not just as a portrait of a young woman in the outback, but in its perception of rolling desert as a place of mystical adventure, and its portrayal of aboriginals as inextricably linked to the skin and bones of Australian civilization."

Cine Vue