Using some very cool technology from our friends at Aurasma, simply point your smart phone or tablet at one of Rick’s pictures in INSIDE TRACKS and (like the newspaper in Harry Potter) a scene from the TRACKS movie will begin playing on your phone or tablet. 


Click on the link to download the Aurasma Application for IOS or Google Play

Then follow these steps to unlocking INSIDE TRACKS living photographs….

  1. Download the FREE Aurasma App to your smartphone or tablet
  2. After you have created a Log-in, touch the menu button on the lower center of the devices screen.
  3. There are several icons on the lower portion of the screen. Select the magnifying glass to search for the INSIDE TRACKS “channel”.
  4. Type "Inside Tracks", select our channel, and check “follow".
  5. Open the “view finder” and point your device at one of the images marked with an icon in INSIDE TRACKS.

This “living book" feature works no matter where the images appear! The Aurasma application works on the Web, in our book, and in the 1978 National Geographic featuring Robyn Davidson on the cover and Rick Smolan's photographs!

Try Aurasma on the book cover.